Ascension: Time In a Bottle

“Tyshawn (Ty) Hillman, successful businessman, husband and father, lost his father at a young age. Raised by his mother and sisters, the women in his life, Ty desperately lived to be the man he had always imaged his father to be.
But when Ty turns to the only people he thought had the answers to his questions, each person becomes a hurdle in his search for freedom and manhood. The more Ty searched, the more everyone around him conceal the truth of his origin and the story of his father. Amidst the subtle lies and unspoken truths, Ty learns that the answers to his internal conflict is much larger than the man he assumes is his father.

It was't until a typical business trip lead him back to the place of his birth (Hackensack, New Jersey) and awakens ghosts from his past. He turned to a familiar stranger to help unravel the mysteries of his life and finally connect all of the dots.

In the end, the answers Ty uncovered lead to more than a path to his mortal father, but an unspoken "Ascension" to limitless possibilities amongst the stars.”

Excerpt From: "Unspoken: Ascension" by Todd B. Hepburn